wine club 

no one knows your taste as well as you do. we give you the opportunity to custom tailor your selections by picking out what you like to drink. Pick from sparkling, rose, white and red wines gives you the flexibility to stock your cellar with the type of wine you like to drink. don't forget that your wines are being selected by a sommelier so you can have the confidence that every bottle will be delicious. 



the process 


pick from 1, 2, 3, or 4 bottles of wine curated to your palate. you can pick from your choice of sparkling, rose, white or red wines. our wines are always hand selected by our sommelier to be great examples of the region or variety and always delicious.

the wine

every month our sommelier tastes through hundreds of wine to select the best four bottles of wine. Each wine is the best expressions of a varital, region, or vintage. our focus is to source wine from family owned and operated vineyards, multigenerational winemakers and small independent producers.



the perks

besides getting bottles of delicious wines curated by a sommelier you get to take advantage of the perks of being a member of the club. perks of the club are simple and advantageous. you will get 10% off all purchases in house as well as on our website, the ability to reserve tables at neighborhood cellar, first notification of events and pop up dinners and special deals on pick up days.